Trying to figure out your career in coffee? Us too!

I’m so excited to announce my very first project/product: The Coffee Career Webinar series. Throughout 2017, I’ll be hosting six webinars and getting in depth with coffee professionals, so we can learn what they do and how they do it. The goal? So that by 2018, you have a coffee career you know and love! Find out about jobs you didn’t know were possible, learn how to keep going through tough times, and meet a fascinating group from within coffee’s box of misfit toys.

Kicking things off, we’re starting on January 25th with the Professional Barista. I’m thrilled that my guests will 2016 US Barista Champion Lemuel Butler, and barista/writer/nanny/karaoke master Eric J. Grimm of Everyman Espresso NYC.

The first session is $15. You can register for it here. Upcoming months we’ll talk about sales, roasting, trading, marketing, and more – sign up for the whole year’s package and it’ll only cost you $5 per month!

Some of you may be asking, why does this webinar and series cost money? Aren’t webinars usually free?

Well, that’s true. They usually are. But they also are usually using the platform to sell you something else: a tool, a membership, a new car… I don’t know... stuff (you can see I'm really, really good at selling stuff.)

The only thing I’m trying to sell – honest – is advice for you to build your career. I am very hopeful that this advice will resonate. I know that coffee people aren’t made of money, so a big cost event or activity may be too much. But $5 a month seems like a no brainer, if it means increasing your professional worth in the industry.

I’d also, honestly, really appreciate it if folks signed up just as a contribution to get me up and running in my new entity. If I’ve previously shared free intel with you that you think may be worth $15, or $60, you can show that love by registering for these classes. That helps me focus on building future careers for you and for others. Feel free to attend the events, heckle, or, more appropriately, share your successes with those getting started or getting ready to change. I’d love to chat with you.

I really hope you’ll join me as we figure out these coffee careers together in 2017!

Anne NylanderComment