Training & Education

Here’s the bullet list of what I do:

  • Training Admin & Systems: Specialty Coffee Training Content Development – for introductory, intermediate, or advanced barista learners; managers and supervisors; and instructors.
  • My coffee training specialties are: Guest Experiences, Espresso & Brewing Fundamentals, Cupping Fundamentals, Bar Efficiency, Workflow, and Latte Art, Café Operations and Management.
  • My operations specialties are: Talent assessment and sourcing, staffing strategies, team-building, retention, maximizing operations and retail sales.
I can firmly state that your guidance and training changed my life.
— Crystina McKenna, Starbucks Reserve Roastery, 2013

Here’s the story version of what I do:

I love to teach people how to make coffee and be nice about it. It sounds simple, but the good trainers will tell you just how challenging it can be. Also, it's not just about the coffee - it's a deep interplay of service, preparation, confidence, sales, and management. I've probably taught a few thousand people about coffee by now. I've taught in a yurt, in a tiki bar, in a hotel bedroom, in tons of conference rooms, in corporate offices and in teeny tiny cafes. Turns out espresso training labs are really the best place to learn, so I've done that too (mostly!). I've adapted training material on the fly, in the moment, and well in advance.