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When I first meet people getting into coffee, there’s often a ‘wait wait wait…’ and then they ask a very reasonable question.

Like – how do you make it? The sections below are for folks in that space, as well as professionals looking for a handy hub of coffee information. Every link and plug is for products and services I personally recommend. The products are high quality (that I’ve most often tested or trust directly) and the services are by industry experts I’ve worked with in the past.  If you know me personally, I’ve probably already forced at least one of these resources upon you. That means I like you, and that you have great potential.

In the future, I’ll also build out more resources on training, sustainability, coffee tools and equipment, and more. Stay tuned – my brain is full of a lot of interesting and useful stuff. I think. I’m pretty sure. No, no, I know it is. Be in touch if you think I’ve missed anything or have suggestions on what topic I should cover next!

If you are truly just getting started in coffee - I recommend visiting "How Do I get Started?" first!

Please note that the following pages  may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I may receive a commission from the vendor. Basically, think about it – a girl doing specialty coffee growth strategy’s gotta eat – so if you were thinking about buying a new latte art training video or book on hospitality, do it through my links! It helps me out a bunch and gives me more time to answer your other more tantalizing coffee questions. You know that if I were made of money, I would buy these things for you, right?