Here's the bullet list of what I do:

  • brand relaunches, premium coffee line brand development
  • flagship store launches, retail launches
  • product development and testing (equipment and beverage)
  • micro marketing events, education events
  • startup development, specialty coffee interaction design

Here's the story version of what I do: 

Fun fact: the F in my name stands for Faste. The Faste name, if you haven't heard of it, is actually somewhat known for innovation and design. I'm the fourth generation (at least) of designers , engineers, architects, builders, and artists. Oh, right, and we're mostly all teachers too.

While I got out of the "traditional" creator track after college (I went in for graphic design and came out obsessed with William Faulkner sentence diagramming...), I've still managed to find obsessions among truly great innovations. Like the iPhone. And Freakonomics. And the Kalita Wave Coffee Brewer. 

So... wait what? That's kind of what happens I take a stab at a project with you. I'll bring a very unique framework to our discussion - one based on over 30 years of critical thinking in design, development, and human interaction. With a ridiculously big dose of education and training design baked in. And a ton of obsessive coffee and service hospitality training. All here, ready to vet and launch your next great idea.

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