Training Principles for Specialty Coffee Professionals

During summer 2018, I sat down and collected the ideas I share regularly with clients, and compiled it all into a new 50-page digital workbook. 

The book guides you through common steps I work on with clients everywhere - from tiny shops to large-scale enterprises - that help get teams learning and growing together. It covers the basics of how to design, implement, and track a training program within a coffee business.

I hope it is a worthwhile and helpful read, for anyone we know doing training in the coffee world. It would mean a ton to me if you picked up a copy, and told your friends about it.

Training Principles for Specialty Coffee Professionals
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Training Principles for Specialty Coffee Professionals

This workbook is designed to help coffee people build training system skills. It answers the most common questions I discover while working with clients and supporting their training needs.

The skills outlined in this 50-page workbook will help trainers identify their goals, connect well with their audience, measure a student’s performance, and track the system’s outcomes. While every company’s specific goals may be different, these underlying principles should help any trainer build a robust system that supports their company’s training goals.

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