Anne F. Nylander

My Mission:

Your Success

Specialty Coffee Growth Strategy for Business and Coffee Professionals. 

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My mission

The coffee world is very nuanced, and also very simple. I'm here to help you get connected to your problem's solutions. Whether it's finding your next job, hiring your next employee, or launching your next business project, I'm here to assist you in achieving your goal. 

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My Record



Years in Coffee Retail

I've worked with projects, businesses, and people in specialty coffee industry for over 16 years.  




I've worked on over 85 independent projects for clients in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, in small towns and in international destinations. 



Students Trained

Quality training delivery comes from well developed training documents and professional experience. I've brought both to classrooms around the world. 


March 2017

“Anne is the utmost coffee professional, having worked in just about every position in the industry. She has an encyclopedic knowledge (and impressive contact list) of the resources needed to successfully run a coffee business. 

Having just recently launched my own subscription-service (Latigo Coffee), I’ve consulted with Anne on everything from compostable coffee bags to the best commercial-grade coffee brewing equipment. Whenever I’m stumped on a 'coffee industry' question, I call Anne. ”

Mark Finster / Latigo Coffee