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Probably the most common question I'm asked is, "where and when are events happening in coffee?"

Since specialty coffee became a thing (mid 90s? early 2000s? I am not sure - I started in 2006!) folks've gotten together to talk about it, taste it, play with it, and collaborate. Some cost money, some are free - and all have value.

Right now there isn't a super great, central listing of those events. Part of the reason is actually pretty simple: It's kind of annoying to get events posted online! 

I am going to make a pledge to you all that I will try my best to post every coffee-related public invitation I get from facebook to this calendar. It might not be pretty, but it will be here.

I highly, highly, highly encourage YOU to do the same -- post here! I've created a submission link that let's you easily post up some event info. It doesn't have to be pretty, but if you make it pretty, it'll almost always look better than what I've put up! 

    Other Coffee Event Calendars


    Roast Magazine regularly updates an at-a-glance calendar for the upcoming 12 months for major exhibitions and conferences.

    Barista Magazine publishes a great, simple list of upcoming national and international events, with a barista/consumer focus.

    The Specialty Coffee Association of America hosts dozens of events around the world throughout the year, and offers online learning. This is their Events Calendar

    The Specialty Coffee Association of Europe provides an Event Calendar for events throughout Europe. 

    World Coffee Events is the host of six international coffee competitions, including the World Barista Championship.

    • WCE alternates hosting competition events in different parts of the world each year, and hosts satellite events, judges training, and other events throughout the year.